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At Tim Altbaum Productions we understand that finding the right DJ for your event doesn't mean crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.  Our experienced personnel will go above and beyond to ensure that you are confident in our abilities.  You will have the opportunity to meet the DJ prior to your event, and go over every minute detail essential to its success.

Our founding DJ is Tim Altbaum

Our Elite Associate DJ is Effren
Our Senior Associate DJs are Zephyr, Kris, Michael, Chad and Chris



Tim Altbaum, Founding D.J./Emcee



DJ Tim Altbaum has the knowledge and experience to make the most of your event.  As your DJ he seamlessly reads the audience, so the music selection caters to you and your guests.  He takes the time to understand your wants and needs and by paying attention to every detail, ensures your event is unique.


In the wedding industry Tim has been nationally recognized by The Knot Magazine as a Best of Weddings Pick. His weddings have been chosen for articles in the prestigious Modern Bride Magazine, San Diego Style Weddings, Ceremony Magazine, Exquisite Weddings, The San Diego Union Tribune, and The Knot Southern California. Wedding clients include newscaster Phil Blauer, San Diego radio personalities Hilary of FM 94.9, DJ Robin Roth of 91x, and Clint of Rock 105.3 FM. Sports celebrities such as NFL player Matt Wilhelm, LPGA star Tina Mickelson, and Phil Mickelson's caddy Jim MacKay have also utilized Tim as their wedding DJ/emcee.  


He co-starred on an episode in season one of the WB Network's Veronica Mars, was the DJ for an episode of the CW Network's Hitched or Ditched reality series, and records radio commercials for Coin Mart Jewelry; rated Best Locally Owned Jewelry Store by the San Diego Union Tribune Reader's Poll.

He is a proud member of NACE, affiliated with ISES and other professional organizations, and served as a chair member with the San Diego Chapter of MPI. Tim gives back to the community by being a regular donor to Mama's Kitchen, as well as performing at their annual charity fundraiser Mama's Day. In giving back to the arts he was an Executive Level Sponsor of the 2009/2010 Broadway San Diego's Theater Season. He was a Big Brother to a local San Diego teenager, and is an active member of PAWS, performing at their annual fundraisers for many years. He has also joined forces with Shaun Phillips of the San Diego Chargers to support the local chapter of After School All Stars. Recently he teamed with REVOweddings, an auction site where all vendors donate their products and services for engaged couples to bid on, often securing them for much less than retail.


In addition to the numerous companies he works with on a regular basis, his services have been utilized by Fortune 500 companies Cisco, Clear Channel Communications, Qualcomm and First American, as well as Lockheed Martin and Citigroup; both Fortune 50 companies!


His mixing style is defined by combining “corporate friendly” music with the newest trends in the clubs, from remixing to mash-ups. With an extensive library of music videos he can add a visual element sure to wow your guests. With Tim as your entertainment coordinator, your event will be guaranteed fun and memorable from start to finish.


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  Effren, D.J./Emcee

DJ Effren is a turntablist and remixing originator with an infectious old school approach to the dance music scene. His relentless work ethic and obsessive music library exemplify his dedication to his craft. His musical roots (Hip Hop, Funk, and Acid Jazz), origin (House and Hip Hop), and future (Electro, Hip Hop, and Video) are unleashed in a hypnotic explosion of melodic power when he is behind the decks.

To Tim Altbaum Productions Effren brings years of amazing Video DJ skills and experience. By mixing music videos live your guests are sure to relive their favorite songs and engage in both an audio and visual dance experience unlike any event they have ever attended.

His journey began amongst the geniuses at Lucas Film studios, where he was inspired to develop his aptitude for sound engineering and production. Years of experience, academic degrees, and his commitment to excellence has earned him several exclusive clients including Red Bull Energy Drink, Playboy, Club Aubergine, Club Decos, The Keating, Trademark Luxury, and many more including Shawne Merriman of the San Diego Chargers.

Effren brings his passion for music to brides and grooms by combining the club element with his excellent emcee skills. A wedding is all about the bride and groom; their personalities are what need to shine. By coordinating with your vendors, making the right announcements at the right time,and keeping the dance floor going all night, he’s sure to make the memories of your wedding day last a lifetime.

When Effren is not performing or in the studio he is busy influencing the next generation of remixers by designing and teaching school programs, where he has taught over 1000 students. Effren’s experience, innovation, and commitment ensure that he is an artist who intends to leave a permanent mark on the dance music world. 


For information on booking DJ Effren for your next event be sure to Contact Us via phone or email, or visit the Pricing page.

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  Zephyr, D.J./Emcee
DJ Zephyr

DJ Zephyr has been perfecting his craft since 1993 starting first with a well known mobile Disc Jockey company in San Diego primarily as a wedding and corporate DJ. Over 15+ years he has performed at more than 500 weddings, incentive events, and a myriad other parties which continue to test his music knowledge and emcee skills.

He spent two years traveling aboard cruise ships where he DJ’d nightly and hosted myriad of passenger events; from trivia game shows to club nights, plays to formal balls. During this period he was able to learn about various audio/visual elements which can enhance and add to the success of any function. In addition to ship DJ he was responsible for the lighting, video projection, and theatrical elements for all ship productions.

One of his passions is creating lasting memories for brides and grooms. Through planning sessions and music procurement he carefully prepares for each wedding day to ensure the personalities of his clients are at the forefront of their reception. With a vast knowledge of the world of A/V and production, seamlessly managing the timeline and mixing music at just the right moments comes second nature.

When not working a wedding or corporate event as the DJ he is at his “day job”, as the Audio Visual director at an exclusive hotel in Palm Springs, where he handles large scale meetings and events. Besides being a DJ and producing corporate shows Zephyr enjoys creating his own music. Past clients include…..Hard Rock Hotel, Onyx Room , Red Circle, Accellrys, Louis Vuitton, Deepak Chopra, and Kiehls, just to name a few. 


For information on booking DJ Zephyr for your next event be sure to Contact Us via phone or email, or visit the Pricing page.

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  Kris, D.J./Emcee


DJ Kris has been at the forefront of the music scene for many years now. From his cutting edge mixes to his lavish style, Kris brings not only good music, but the entire package as he is not just a DJ, but a natural born performer. From his high energy sets to his precise knowledge on crowd control through his music, he is sure to make a positive imprint wherever he plays. Whether it's a sexy house beat or a Top 40 mashup, Kris can fill the room with sounds from amongst the hottest Lounge, Mashups, Throwbacks, Top 40, Hip-Hop and even party classics. His motto is, "It's not just the songs that create the vibe, but it's how their mixed”.


In 2003, Kris was signed to Balliztic, performing throughout California with groups like King Spade, Afroman, and Kotton Mouth Kings to include shows at Hollywood's Whisky A Go Go and various shows throughout Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. In 2006, Kris landed residency positions at Club Michaels and Club Altitude in San Diego California. Kris said, “This is when I knew I wanted to DJ for a living, dj'ing 4 nights a week was not enough.” Since then, DJ Kris has held residencies and guest spots at many well known venues throughout the United States from "The Pool" in Atlantic City to "Rok Nightclub" at New York New York Las Vegas. With his persistent mindset and his outgoing personality he continues to rock venues and nightclubs across the US.

For weddings and corporate events Kris brings his unique club-style, but keeps the music friendly to all ages by mixing old and new, at just the right moments. With over ten years of experience with private events he has seen just about everything a client can present to him. Whether the guests like the Beatles, Michael Jackson, or Old School Hip Hop, he blends and mixes each song with finesse to always keep the dance floor moving.


“I can’t say how much DJ'ing has taught me on a personal and professional level. I will always DJ. This is my love, my passion, my dream, and most of all, what I feel I was born to do.”


For information on booking DJ Kris for your next event be sure to Contact Us via phone or email, or visit the Pricing page.

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  Michael, D.J./Emcee
DJ Michael

Michael has been entertaining as a DJ and emcee for over 17 years and has performed at hundreds of Night Clubs, Weddings, Special Events, Private Parties, School Dances, Corporate parties, and much more. He has won 1st Place in several DJ competitions which led to him working in radio as on-air host/mixer, as well as having his own specialty live mix shows. This opened the door to numerous resident DJ gigs throughout the country including overseas in Iwakuni, Japan, where he DJ'ed for our troops. Michael was also spotlighted when he DJ'ed a live televised broadcast MTV style award show for Cox Communications in Arizona. 

Michael's experience with trends and music for all genres has enabled him to build a very large music collection of both music and video files. In addition, his background as a club DJ enables him to keep the music flowing from song to song, and his radio experience gives him the comfortability on the microphone to keep the party moving.

Michael is bilingual in English and Spanish, so if your event includes Spanish speaking guests he's a great choice.


Some of his repeat clients include Cox Communications, McDonalds Corporation, Senior Rio Tequila, Zach Miller of the Oakland Raiders, Derek Ware of the Arizona Cardinals, and many more.

It is hard to find a mobile DJ today that has years of experience across a multitude of events, venues, and music genres, as well as having club experience, beat mixing skills, and the ability to emcee. Michael is first class, bringing true professionalism to your event, and someone you can rely on to create lasting memories.


For information on booking DJ Michael for your next event be sure to Contact Us via phone or email, or visit the Pricing page.

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  Chad, D.J./Emcee

DJ Chad

Chad is a creative DJ and expert in today’s advanced technology of music. Chad started playing music in the late 1990’s. He had a natural talent and skill playing on the radio in Pittsburgh since the age of 23. His lifelong interest and early on-set passion for music and entertainment are what sparked his career. Chad has the incredible ability to control and please a crowd. He strides in keeping the dance floor moving and the way he feeds off their energy is fascinating.

His knowledge and development of what is now a wide variety of music mixes, everything from mellow to club, house, rock music and even karaoke. Chad’s passion and forte is truly in the wedding arena. There is nothing more satisfying to him then hearing all the praises at the end of a very successful and entertaining evening. 


Whenever possible, Chad takes the initiative to go above and beyond the call of duty as a DJ. Whether its pouring champagne to make sure the toast happens on time or making sure the photographer is ready before announcing events, he does whatever it takes to get the job done, and to make sure the wedding runs flawlessly.

In the corporate arena his attention to detail and skills reading an audience allow him to create the perfect mix of music for any group. Some of Chad’s repeat clients have included the NCAA Division Champions, the Spartan Basketball team of York College of PA, The American Chiropractic Association of America, Susquehannock High Schools Proms & Post Prom Parties & YTI Business School. 


For information on booking DJ Chad for your next event be sure to Contact Us via phone or email, or visit the Pricing page.

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  Chris, D.J./Emcee
DJ Chris

Chris has a deep passion for entertaining and is a skilled DJ and Emcee in all types of events.  Performing at Weddings, School Dances, Corporate and Private Parties, as well as hosting Karaoke and Game Shows, Chris entertains by playing the music you want to hear and directing the crowd at the appropriate times.  His precise transitions and seamless mixes keep the dance floor jumping, while his emcee abilities keep the event flowing smoothly.

Some of his repeat clients include Victorias Secret, Wild Wing Café, Frontera Tex-Mex, Coca-Cola and Johnson and Johnson.   


His ability to cross different musical genres and interact with guests where appropriate make him a perfect choice for first class events.  DJ Chris is a true professional who strives to make every event the best that it can be!

For information on booking DJ Chris for your next event be sure to Contact Us via phone or email, or visit the Pricing page.



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