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Lighting / Audio Visual Services




Cake lighting



Wireless Speakers


Custom Designed Monogram Gobo

Using professional lighting equipment we can project your company name or logo, the bride and groom's initials, patterns, and just about anything else you can imagine onto the dance floor, a wall, or just about any surface! Add a colored gel to the fixture and create a Monogram/Gobo to complement your theme.


Pricing starts at $350



Uplighting / Room Lighting


We  custom design a lighting layout to fit your theme and decor. These lights provide the warmth and ambience to make your event space stand out in an elegant manner. We have both standard and intelligent DMX controlled lights to fit any room and any budget. Pricing includes setup, breakdown, any color, and black or white shrouds for minimal visibility of the fixture. We also have multiple ceiling and wall washes.


Pricing starts at $350





Draping can add a level of elegance to any room, or hide anything unsightly. Most draping comes in white or black, and can extend from 6' to 22' high. In spaces where you want to hide certain areas, use black draping without lighting. If you are looking to create a focal point or make an entire room come to life, white draping is recommended and we can incorporate uplighting of any color.


Pricing starts at $10 per foot




Spotlighting the Cake Table


You spend hundreds of dollars on a cake that doesn't always get eaten by all of your guests. The least you can do is make it stand out by spotlighting and/or underlighting the table. Along with the bride and groom's table the cake table should be a focal point in the room. By using a custom designed lighting rig we can give your cake the attention it deserves!


Pricing starts at $150






Gaming Systems

What better way is there to bring together coworkers and friends alike other than a good old fashioned game of Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Wii Sports or any other game and gaming system you can think of? We bring the games of your choosing, a robust sound system, a Large LCD TV or projector and screen, and setup a gaming station at any event. This is the perfect addition to any corporate gathering or private event where adults can be kids and kids can show up the adults!


Pricing starts at $375



LCD Projector, DVD Player/Laptop, Screens

Whether showing a video montage of your favorite pictures or guiding clients and employees alike through a PowerPoint presentation, our various projectors, all-region (PAL, NTSC, DVD+/-RW) DVD player or Windows laptop, and multiple sized Da-Lite ultra-portable fast-fold screens are the perfect addition to any event. If the venue already has a screen ask about our discount for bringing the LCD Projector and DVD Player/Laptop only!


Pricing starts at $375



Wireless Speakers

We offer the latest technology available to transmit the music/announcements to anywhere within range of our professional wireless receivers. No matter where you are inside or outside of the room, or even on the rooftop, the volume level is always optimal because each speaker is independently volume controlled. If the cocktail hour is taking place away from the main reception it may be possible to eliminate a complete additional system setup by providing wireless speakers instead. Ask about our packages which include wireless speakers!


Pricing starts at $175 per speaker