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Disc Duplication /
Sounds of My Wedding™

Disc Duplication

Many of our clients ask for a creative memento of their event, and are tired of the standard party gifts like chocolates, candles, and books of matches. With our high-quality Disc Duplication service, you can customize a CD to hand out to all of your guests. These memorable keepsakes will be the treasure of your music collection, and a great conversation piece.

Unlike a candle or box of chocolates, our high quality Disc Duplication service allows you to give your guests a party favor that they not only will never forget, but one that can be used over and over, each time reminding them of your wedding or corporate event.  Our discs are high quality, have full color labels, and can be played in any CD player.  The logo is burned directly onto the CD so they won't peel and get stuck in your player on a hot summer's day. Up to 80 minutes of music and announcements can be put on each CD.

Pricing ranges depending on the number of songs, amount of artwork to be designed, packaging, and total number of discs to be duplicated. 


Pricing for Disc Duplication ranges from $3 to $5 per CD


Sounds Of My Wedding

Don't have the budget for a videographer? Why reminisce about your special day in stills when you can listen to the sounds of your wedding for an affordable price. This package includes the music and announcements from your ceremony and/or reception for you to cherish as a keepsake.

Your wedding will be one of the best days of your married life, that is why so much preparation and planning goes into every detail.  Many of our clients seek an affordable solution to document and reflect on their wedding day other than through photographs.

With the Sounds of My Wedding
TM package you will be able to relive all the precious moments that transpired on your day.  Memorialize the blessing the Father of the Bride gave in his send-off, or the not so eloquent speech the best man bungled through.


From a past client...

Just had my iTunes on shuffle and my dad's "toast" from my wedding (6 years ago!) came on (still brings me to tears)... I thought to myself how LUCKY I was to have my fabulous DJ (YOU) record those moments and how blessed I feel to be able to relive those moments here and there! Thanks again :)"

These and many other moments are special in their own right, and you will be able to cherish them forever with this custom designed CD.  Using state of the art audio equipment we record the key events as they transpire, as well as the music that is most special to you, and digitally edit them to create the CD.  Each disc is professionally mastered, contains a full color label, and comes packaged any way you like.


Pricing for this invaluable service is just $299