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Whether you need a DJ for your wedding, holiday party, or other event, our personable and knowledgeable staff will ensure everyone has a wonderful time. Great parties start with great planning, we'll help you take care of all the details. Years of experience have made us exceptional at what we do, why trust anyone else!   Effren Mixing


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Usually the first question on everyone's mind is "How much do you charge?"  We understand that cost of entertainment is an important factor when considered with the total budget for an event.  Many try to skimp on entertainment costs, without realizing that the event's success relies heavily on the DJ's performance.



If you take the average cost of a wedding today to be around $25,000 - $30,000, which is below average for many, and an average cost of a DJ to be around $1200-$1500, less than 5% of the budget is spent on entertainment!  If you've ever been to a wedding you know that about 80% of the success of a wedding is on the shoulders of the DJ. 


Similarly, corporate gatherings can be a bit unsettling for some employees and clients, a DJ helps create an environment where personnel from every department can relax and enjoy themselves to the fullest. Often price is the deciding factor, however, professionalism and experience should be equally, if not more important.


There are a few factors we take into consideration when customizing our pricing for your event:

  1. Date and times the Disc Jockey is required
  2. Type of event (wedding, corporate, mitzvah, etc.)
  3. Location and exact spaces used at the venue
  4. Number of guests anticipated
  5. Services required (ceremony system, cocktail system, lighting, etc.)

With regard to the date and times of your event, holidays and peak weekends can be a bit more expensive.  The type of event is important because certain events require different levels of involvement and interactivity/emceeing. Your event location and number of guests are important to determine the size and power of the equipment necessary.  We also encourage you to book multiple services which allow us to create special package pricing. When inquiring be sure to ask what great packages we can put together for you and your group.


Corporate/Private Event Rates

Pricing starts at $1200

Additional systems start at $375
Additional Hours start at $250/hr




Wedding Rates

Pricing starts at $1250 for non-peak dates

Ceremony Package starts at $375
Additional Systems start at $375
Additional Hours start at $300/hr



Let us create a Custom package. For more information on our Disc Jockey services please visit the DJ Page.

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Live Musicians

If you are looking to create the perfect balance of live entertainment with DJ services, why not have both! Our highly talented and seasoned musicians will impress any audiophile and give your event that live vibe needed to take it to the next level. We offer a wide variety of talent, including:


Jazz Trios
Jazz/Latin Guitarists
Male and Female Guitarists

and more!  

Live Musician Rate

Add-On pricing starts at $350


To listen to DEMOS of our musicians click HERE. For more information on hiring one of our musicians or to get a customized quotation, Contact Us right away.


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DJ Live!

DJ Live! is the newest, most interactive entertainment enhancement you can add to your event; a live musician playing alongside your DJ! If you are torn between live entertainment and disc jockey, or want to add a live element to the night, let us give your guests the explosive energy of a live guitarist, saxophone, violin, or even drums to really leave a lasting impression. The musicians(s) can provide solo acts or jam alongside your favorite pop songs to bring your entertainment to the highest level possible.


DJ Live! Rates

Add-On pricing starts at $350



For more information on how DJ Live! works or to get a customized quotation, Contact Us right away.


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Video Jockey Pricing

 Video DJ Image   Want to add a stimulating visual element to your DJ event? Using the latest video remixing tools we can bring the club to your event by mixing the music videos live! That’s right, instead of just listening to the mix, get ready to see the mix as well. Using state-of-the art video editing software and video DJ software our video DJs take music to the next level. There truly isn't a way to bring your guests closer to the music than through this revolutionary music video service. 



Video Jockey Rates

Add-On pricing starts at $500

Additional costs will be incurred if TV screens and/or video projection systems are required.



For Video DJ DEMOS click HERE. For more information on how Video DJ works or to get a customized quotation, Contact Us right away.


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Karaoke Jockey Pricing

Karaoke can be the perfect addition to any opening gala event, farewell party, birthday celebration, or even some weddings. With an enormous collection of standards through the most current top of the chart hits, our KJs are sure to bring out the fun in your guests. We have a digital library of over 60,000 songs, and song books alphabetized by Song Title or Artist to make searching a breeze.   Karaoke Karaoke


Karaoke Jockey Rates

Add-On pricing starts at $375

Additional costs will be incurred if TV screens and/or video projection systems are required.




Not sure which services are right for your wedding or corporate event? Contact Us toady and we'll provide a full explanation of the benefits to each of these excellent services.