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Wedding Officiant

Wedding Officiant Pricing

Your wedding ceremony is the outward expression of the love and passion you and your fianc share. The vows you exchange and promises you make last a lifetime. It is imperative that the right officiant is chosen for your ceremony, one who understands the reasons for your union, and can express them to your family and friends. By getting to know you through a series of planning sessions we customize your ceremony to demonstrate the unique traits both of you possess, yet characterizing the bond which allows two to become one.



The level of detail we go into with each client, as well as understanding the thoughts and ideas expressed through our client’s selection of music, has led us to want to be involved on a deeper, more emotional level. A good DJ must immerse himself into the planning process to truly represent the unique personalities of the bride and groom. In many ways a good wedding officiant must do the same. He must communicate with your guests on a deeper level, setting the tone for a unique and beautiful wedding day.  Chad Officiate


Pricing ranges from $350-$500 and includes all planning and customization.