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Below is list of past clients who have been kind enough to leave feedback about their event. To view the form which they were asked to complete click here. For an explanation of the rating system, see below.


The rating is based on eight to ten categories where the client is asked to rate the DJ from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest. The average score of all responses per client are represented below. Click on the rating and the actual form submitted by the client will open in a new window.






Date Contact Type of Event Rating (1-5)
03/09/13 Sal & Marie Crivello Wedding 5.00

I thought Effren did a great job. The lighting was perfect. At times most everyone attending the wedding was dancing, but there were moments when the older generations were sitting because I don't think they liked the music. Not sure why,it was fun and upbeat but maybe a few older songs would have been good as well to keep everyone on the dance floor. Overall great performance.

11/24/12 Brian & Melissa Worthy Wedding 5.00

Effren was such a great DJ for our event. He kept us all dancing, the bride especially!! He played all the music we requested, and went above and beyond to please the small amount of guests we had. Although we don't live in San Diego, if anyone ever asks, we would be more than happy to suggest Effren as a DJ to use!!

11/03/12 Conor & Kelly Leahy Wedding 5.00

Effren did a great job blending music to make a perfect atmosphere for our wedding day! We couldn't have been any happier with his performance and he kept the dance floor full :)

10/28/12 Derrick & Carly Harriman Wedding 5.00

Effren did a fantastic job! We enjoyed having him partake in our big day. He was very professional, easy to communicate with and did a great job following our timeline. He was there for us. Effren was very flexible and accommodating with any last minute things we asked him to announce, etc. We would be more than happy to recommend Effren and TAP Productions to anyone looking for DJ services. We couldn't be happier!

10/05/12 Justin & Meghan Thomas Wedding 5.00

Effren was fantastic! Everyone is still talking about the music at the wedding. From start to finish it was the hands down the best music played at a wedding. When the reception got later, Effren turned the event into the dance party we requested by mixing in all of our favorite club jams. He also didn't play a song on my DO NOT PLAY list even though the MoG requested it :-).We will definitely be coming back to Effren and TAP, especially for our future anniversary parties!

09/09/12 Mike & Rachel Hefner Wedding 5.00

Effren was AMAZING!! We were so happy with his DJ'ing - the ceremony went off without a hitch, and he kept the dance floor going during the reception for the ENTIRE time! We wanted someone who would not be on the microphone the entire time, and really focus on making sure our guests were ready to enjoy themselves and party, and he did just that... we had multiple guests come up to us and say "wow, you're DJ is one of the best I've ever heard!" It was fun to look over and see Effren smiling during the major dance-sets... you could tell he was enjoying himself too :) Thanks for making our wedding such a great party!! ...And... Matt did a great job with the draping too. It created the perfect backdrop to our venue, and looked exactly as we envisioned it from the beginning. Thank you!

08/25/12 Travis & Kristi Lofstedt Wedding 5.00

DJ Effren was AMAZING! We could not be happier with his services. We have gotten numerous guests who attended our wedding tell us how amazing our DJ was and asked if he worked with celebrities bc he was so good. People were on the dance floor all night and even though it was hot in the room, he kept people dancing all night! One thing that was so important to Travis and I was the music being played at our wedding and we could not be more pleased. He even let one of my 11 bridesmaids get on the podium and mix some beats. The pics are awesome. Thank you so much and I will highly recommend you to any of my friends who are getting married or throwing a large party in the future.

07/27/12 TJ & Christy Harp Wedding 5.00

Effren was absolutely WONDERFUL! Everyone, including us, had a fantastic time! Truly thrilled with everything he did!

07/21/12 Josh & Meghan Ambrose Wedding 5.00

Effren did a fantastic job at our event. He played great music and we had an awesome dance party. The only thing that wasn't perfect was our first dance song. We asked for an Adele version of a Bob Dylan song "Make you feel my love" and he played the original Bob Dylan song. It all worked out though!

07/07/12 James & Allison Kleinig Wedding 4.9

Effren was awesome - he always had a smile on his face and looked like he was enjoying himself, which truly enabled everyone else to have fun as well! A+ on the attitude and overall flow of the evening.

07/01/12 Scott & Debi Suchman Wedding 4.9

Effren was awesome!! He played a perfect mix of music that had EVERYONE on the dance floor - even older relatives who never dance at weddings. We also received so many compliments from guests of many different ages and with many different music preferences. Many guests said they had never been to a wedding with such a great DJ, and we wholeheartedly agree. We highly recommend Effren. He really knows how to read a crowd and get everyone up and dancing when appropriate, he kept our event flowing at a perfect pace, and he was not at all cheesy.

05/18/12 Luke & Nikki Nielsen Wedding 5.00

Effren was amazing, we can not put into words how good of a job that he did at our wedding. If you want to keep the dance floor packed all night and your guests to have the best night of their lives, hire Effren. His ability to mix and choose the right music made our event the best ever.

10/15/11 Chris & Kelley Hall Wedding 5.00

Effren was awesome. He got everyone on the dance floor and made announcements when needed. His mix of music was great and all our guests said the music was excellent.

09/18/11 Bradford & Chandler Bonney Wedding 5.00

Effren was great! We had a number of people come up to us during the event to tell us how wonderful the music was. From the moment people started dancing, the floor was packed until the lights turned on at the end of the evening. Thanks!

09/17/11 Nick & Becky De La Torre Wedding 5.00

Tim, Effren did an absolutely GREAT job. It was more than just his performance at the ceremony, the whole process leading up to the event was personable and stress-free. In the days leading up to the wedding, a lot, as I'm sure you have heard before, starts falling apart and getting chaotic from dealing with multiple vendors. We did NOT have this problem with Effren. He was constantly reassuring and his professionalism and ability put us at ease throughout the whole planning process. Your company, largely in part to Effren, was represented well and was the only vendor in which we had absolutely NO PROBLEMS. Thank you for everything!!!!

09/04/11 Chuy & Amanda Cunningham Wedding 5.00

Effren was amazing!!! I would use him again if we ever have another event!

01/08/11 Megan & Nick Cooley Wedding 5.00

We LOVED Effren! He was on top of everything. The lighting and sound was perfect and the music for everything flowed and was precisely what we had picked out. Even though he had it all under control he would still check in with us and make sure everything was okay ( which it was ) but knowing that he was conscious of us and our guests was great! Nick was going on and on about how amazing the music and dancing was days into our Honeymoon, as well as phone calls and emails from our guests. Again we LOVED you guys and would highly recommend you to anyone and everyone! BIG THANK YOU TO EFFREN!

10/23/10 David & Nicole Braun Wedding 5.00

Effren was absolutely amazing! We were so happy with everything, from the way he dressed, his calm demeanor, and his on point music selections were exactly what we wanted. Although we gave him very little guidance except for the ceremony and father/daughter and first dance song, he was able to keep the guests dancing throughout the reception and played all of my favorite music, while playing the selections that made Christian happy. I am so happy we went with the purple gelled sconces as well; that truly made a difference. At first I was nervous that the purple gelled sconces would add an overpowering purple light, and be a bit cheesy, but it wasn't at all. It turned out to be a subtle purple light, which added a soft feeling to the ambiance; we loved it. All in all, we were so happy with the wedding and Effren really made a difference. He kept the crowd moving and everyone happy. After the wedding we heard many comments about how everyone loved the music and the entire wedding as a whole. We were beyond pleased; Effren deserves a raise :)

09/18/10 Michael & Maeghan Brown Wedding 5.00

Effren was fantastic. He kept the party going all night long. It was the exact type of music we were looking for. Many guests commented on how good the Effren was.

08/21/10 Seth & Karianne Atwell Wedding 5.00

Effren was amazing! He really knew how to read the audience! I was worried at first that no one would hit the dance floor...but once Effren got started, everyone was out there! The flow and transition of the music was perfect...kept the audience pumped and wanting more! We had such a good time...hence requesting the extra hour. Everyone is still asking where we found the DJ! And thank you Tim for the phone consultations and helping us to organize our music selections. Made it much easier for us! We have quite the eclectic taste! Thank you again!

08/06/10 John Stewart & Rachel McCaleb Wedding 5.00
Effren was amazing... our dance floor was packed, the energy was high, and people were enjoying themselves right up to the very last song. The event was so much fun we even had wedding crashers show up at one point (quickly escorted out as well). Thanks for everything, you made our wedding reception memorable and amazing.
06/05/10 Rashan & Allyson Dopwell Wedding 5.00
TAP did an exceptional job at our wedding reception! We were able to achieve the vibe we were looking for. We LOVED the mash-ups and the song selections. I was so concerned that we would not pick the right songs, but with the planning sessions we felt confident about it all by the day of the wedding. Above all TAP is a very down to earth, professional, friendly company to work with. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
05/15/10 Charles & Kelsey Baither Wedding 5.00
Please thank Effren immensely from me and my husband, Rob. EVERYONE complimented the music and Jaclyn (my day-of coordinator) said he was wonderful to work with. All my friends and family said they had a great time and it was one of the most fun weddings they had ever attended. I attribute most of this positive feedback to Effren's talents. It was a perfect night. Thank you!
05/01/10 Ben & BethAnn Schiff Wedding 5.00

Both Effren and Don did first-rate jobs and received numerous compliments from guests throughout the night. We couldn't have been more pleased.

11/7/09 Ryan & Kristina McGovern Wedding  

Effren was amazing!!! We got so many complements that he was the best DJ they've ever heard and he really helped to keep the dance floor packed the entire night! We can't thank you enough and will highly recommend your services to everyone we know. (and from the groom...) I second that. Effren was top notch.  I would refer him to a friend in a heartbeat.  I have never been part of a wedding where people so emphatically enjoyed the music/dance floor experience.  I am still getting calls/emails from wedding guests about how great they thought our DJ was.  I tip my hat to you and Effren.

10/17/09 Jason & Martha Ryan Wedding 5.00
Tim, if the ratings allowed for a 10, you definitely would have my vote. Your role during the ceremony, reception, and all of your recommendations were wonderful. As the mother of the bride, I was so relieved not to have a concern about anything under your purview. You were very thorough in your planning and had us address details we hadn't even thought of - which made the evening even more enjoyable. Definitely a polished production. I'm so grateful we found you through a referral who used you at their wedding. My thanks. Liz Brilliant
10/11/09 Rommel Hipolito, Coordinator Wedding  

I couldn't ask for anything more from Adam and Effren. There were no issues at the ceremony. As Adam had indicated, the ceremony went smoothly. Volume for the music and the mics were perfect. As for the reception, Effren was awesome. The beginning of the cocktail reception was slow as expected. The majority of the guests was there around 5:45. After some drinks and food, the crowd started picking up around 7:15-7:7:30. Effren, like the good dj that he is took the cue from the crowd and gradually picked up the pace of the music. Soon enough you couldn't get anyone off of the dance floor. We had originally planned for the Mother/Son Dance and Father/Daughter dance at 8pm. I evaluated the vibe of the crowd and I knew that it wouldn't be a good idea to stop the vibe then. I turned to Effren and told him to put off the dances until 9pm and combine them with the cake cutting, which worked out really well. Judging from the response from the crowd, they really enjoyed Effren's music selections. Everybody had a good time! I appreciated how he handled the song requests and how he played the requested songs as much as he could without veering off from the type of music Jim and Elaine had selected. On top of that I really appreciated how he handled the drunk aunt and uncle who kept on insisting on playing some old Barbara Streisand song. Effren was very professional and I enjoyed working with him.


As a whole, it was a pleasure working with your production group.

10/11/09 James McFaul & Elaine Harwell Wedding 5.00
Effren was awesome! We had tons of compliments throughout the reception and in the weeks following about how great the song selection was, how great the dancing environment was, etc. We couldn't have asked for a better night. It was exactly what we were hoping for....started off with a great cocktail hour with some classics, and worked its way into a night of non-stop dancing!! Thanks Effren!!
08/15/09 Daniel & Megan Sinton Wedding 4.875
Effren was amazing! The dance floor was never empty and everyone seemed to be having a ridiculous time dancing. I would have liked to have a few more slow songs - although I know those tend to clear the dance floor, but it would be have been nice. All in all though it was amazing and we truly appreciate Effren's work.
08/08/09 Paul & Jessi Christian Wedding 5.00
Effren was perfect! He did such a great job, he was the perfect DJ to have at our wedding! Our wedding turned out EXACTLY like we were picturing and Effren had a large part in that. He kept the party going and moving and it was wonderful! I think he deserves a raise! :) I don't have any contacts at this time who are getting married, but I PROMISE that as soon as my next friend gets engaged, I will absolutely refer them to you guys for DJ services!
07/18/09 Colin & Amy Sage Wedding 5.00
Effren did such a great job!! He kept everyone on the dance floor the entire night. We've gotten so many compliments on the music and DJ. THANK YOU!!!
07/11/09 Heather Cordell, Coordinator Wedding 4.875
Effren did an amazing job of keeping the party going. There were guests on the dance floor and tons of energy at the wedding the entire time designating for dancing. I would love to see Effren DJ for another event with us!
07/11/09 Mark & Danielle D'Andrea Wedding 5.00
We couldn't have been happier with Effren's performance. He has a great personality and is a pleasure to work with. He reads the crowd very well and played the perfect blend of music for the diverse audience that was at our wedding. We will be sure to recommend your services to any of our friends that get engaged in the future. Thank you very much!

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Corporate / Private Events
Date Contact   Type of Event Rating (1-5)
05/28/10 Dorian Cohn for her son Daniel Birthday Party 5.00
At school, Daniel's party has been referred to as, "The Party of the Year!" Much of the credit goes to Effren and Daniel for playing and selecting the music that the kids like to dance to these days. We would use Effren again in a heartbeat. He was courteous, professional, engaging, and well-liked by the children. I am positive that you will receive future opportunities from this event. Tim, thank you for your professionalism and the organized manner in which you conduct your business.
05/07/10 Alexis Derrico for her Daughter 16th Birthday 5.00
Thank you for everything!!! Everything was excellent!!!
12/05/09 Patty Schreibman for Rick's 50th Birthday 50th Birthday 5.00
Our whole experience with Tim Altbaum Productions was fantastic. We received excellent communication up front from Tim Altbaum who worked with us on lighting and other special set up needs. Tim also listened and understood both the theme and character we were trying to achieve for our event and came through with great suggestions and follow-through. He provided song lists but also allowed us to supplement and add anything that wasn't already included. We also had the opportunity to talk with DJ Effren prior to our event to ensure that the communication and understanding carried through to the person who would be at the event. Effren exceeded our expectations in a number of ways and kept the party going all night with never a moment of downtime. Not only was he an excellent DJ and Emcee for our event, but he was my "right hand man" in accomplishing those items we had put on our agenda and working to keep things flowing in a seamless manner. The equipment and the sound quality were all high end in both appearance and performance. It is without hesitation that I recommend this firm and DJ Effren. The success of the event really depends on who is in the seat behind the microphone, making music selections and working with the client but also keeping track of the audience and sensing what is needed and when. This group does an amazing job! They are highly professional but also enthusiastic and fun! I can't imagine an event they couldn't manage well!
10/25/09 Mary Cappelletti of Del Mar Country Club Halloween Party  

Effren was great.  The party was fabulous and I think its the music that really makes the party.  Toddlers to grown-ups were all dancing.  When you talk to Effren, he can tell you everyone was having a great time.