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The rating is based on eight to ten categories where the client is asked to rate the DJ from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest. The average score of all responses per client are represented below. Click on the rating and the actual form submitted by the client will open in a new window.





Date Contact Type of Event Rating (1-5)
02/04/12 Jim & Lauren Mandler Wedding 5.0

TIm! You were wonderful! On Saturday night, and Sunday morning, we received SO many comments on how wonderful our music selection was. The oldies played persuaded to get all of our dancing guests of all ages out on the dance floor.... Tim- you have a wonderful ability of taking our music likes and dislikes, and turning that into 5+ hours playlist. You are not cheesy, you are professional, you are kind, you are a good dresser, you are knowledgeable, and so cool. Words can not express how amazing you are. We thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of us. Thank you Tim for all of your help....

11/12/11 Paul & Amanda Davison Wedding 5.0

The guests have been reporting that they had such an incredibly fun time and said they could have danced until 5am if we let them!! The lighting looked absolutely amazing. When Kelly gave me a sneak peek before opening doors to reception, I nearly cried with happiness. The gobo and uplighting were PERFECT!!! The color of the lighting was just how I wanted it. Nick was perfectly on cue for all the events throughout the night, i.e. first dance, garter toss, bridesmaid dance, etc. Thank you also for doing the video at the end of the reception- think it was a funny surprise for everyone! I think the only thing missing was a bit more oldies songs we had on our must play list at the beginning of the dancing- I know we were running late which made it difficult to play more, but I think some of the older guests left early because the music jumped a bit to more modern stuff right away. I think Nick did a good job of reading the crowd though even if it meant playing songs not specifically requested by us. :) Wonderful job!! Music made such an impact, thank you!!!!!!!!

10/08/11 Erica Nuss (Bride) Wedding 5.0

We were very pleased with Tim Altbaum Productions, specifically the performance of Nick at our wedding. First and foremost, Nick did an OUTSTANDING job keeping our event on schedule with the timeline we had previously discussed, and even verified with me beforehand so that I was ready for each announcement. Overall the music selection and blend included a very wide variety, which we really appreciated as did our guests. There were a few artists on the list we provided you who did not get played (ie. Anita Baker) but we understand that we may have provided you with an over-abundance of choices, and Nick did a great job "reading the crowd" to gauge what should be played. We were extremely pleased that the music literally never stopped except for very brief, and important, announcements from Nick. We would gladly refer you to other customers in the future.

08/27/11 Ron Smith (Father of the Bride) Wedding 5.0

I cannot comment enough about Nick. When we met at your offices I was concerned about working with Nick, it seemed that Tim was the one to work with. The result was perfect. Tim's oversight is amazing. I can tell that he is concerned about all of his clients. At the same time. he has an excellent person with Nick. Although I enjoy listening to music quite different from what Nick played, the wedding was about my daughter and the guests and they all danced. Many of the guests commented that Nick read the crowd and played what they wanted to dance to. I have not seen anyone read a crowd the way that Nick did. The dance floor was full most of the time. When he played a song that didn't fill the dance floor, you could be sure that the next song brought them all back. It was truly amazing to me. Additionally, the lighting made the room. After meeting with you discussing the lighting I was very confident that you could make a difference. I had no idea what a difference the lights could make. My only suggestion, and I don't know how you could implement it, is to insist that your clients take your advice on lighting. I had no idea what a difference the lights could make. Don't try to save a few dollars and skip the lighting.

If you need music for an event, look no further than Tim Altbaum Productions, don't waste your time, it doesn't get any better than this.

08/05/11 Rob & Jackie Happich Wedding 5.0

Nick was great!!! He did exactly what we asked. People danced that I have never seen dance before. Best party of OUR lives. If I could change anything, I would have included a couple of slow songs. We never specified that but I assumed a couple would be thrown in.

Response: Thanks guys, with such a shortened dance timeframe and your roudy group we just didn't have time for anything slow!

01/29/11 Henry Hofilena & Randy Kahn Wedding 5.0

Had a really great time at the wedding. Kudos to Nick for making it happen. We will surely refer you to our friends for future events. Thank you very much!

10/09/10 Casey & Jennifer Johnson Wedding 5.0

We can not thank you enough for the amazing job you did at our wedding a couple of weeks ago.  You helped to create the exact energy and environment that we hoped for.  Our family and friends are still talking about our special day and how it was one of the most fun weddings they have ever been to.  You were such a pleasure to work with and truly listened to what we wanted and hoped to achieve.  And you went above and beyond.  You did not take over the show but were present enough to keep things on track and were a kind, fun, energetic addition to our day.  I am sure most people view their wedding as a day they will never forget and we are no different but I truly believe the actual energy of the evening was in huge thanks to you.  You read our audience perfectly and I honestly think about 75% of our guests were on the dance floor the entire evening.  You were available but not overbearing.  We canít thank you enough and will most definitely recommend you to family and friends in the future.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

07/31/10 Renzo & Melinda Lara Wedding 5.0

Nick and Tim were great to work with. I would highly suggest using their services!

06/19/10 Chandler & Michelle Royer Wedding 5.0
People were dancing, the songs we requested were played, it was great! We will keep Nick in mind for our future events, he was great! I dont know how much of the percentage we spent from our budget since it was all last minute we didnt keep track towards the end. It was great! Thank you so much for great music!!!!!
06/05/10 Matt & Brittany Milliron Wedding 5.0
I can not rave enough about Tim Altbaum Productions and Nick! From the moment we met you at the wedding event at the US Grant until the very end you were so professional, quick to respond and had great guidance for us! Everyone was dancing the entire time and Nick was awesome. He was so sweet handling my moms drunk friends song requests and their attempt to hum songs for him when they couldn't remember the names of songs. He was adaptable and the entire event was perfect! Thank you for making our day so much fun!
05/15/10 Jeff & Kelly Gleeson Wedding 4.6
Nick did a fantastic job and was a pleasure to work with! We absolutely had such a great time at our wedding and we know a large part of it was because of Nick. He knew when to keep the dancing going and when to slow it down too. He definitely has a gift for reading a large group of people and playing music accordingly. We also enjoyed the lighting as well. It fit so well with the feel we were going for and I know it would have definitely been missed if it wasn't there. Thank you so much Tim for all your help and assistance...we had a lot of compliments on the music at our wedding and we know we have you and Nick to thank for that!

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